Chronic Illness Health Tracker


This unique Chronic Illness Health Tracker was created out of a journal that I made for myself over five years ago. It revolutionized my health management and self-care. Seeing my symptoms on paper, day after day, month after month, helped me to see patterns, triggers, and begin to pace myself and live more sustainably. I've put everything from my own journal into this notebook - and more!

This notebook is:

  • Completely customizable 
  • Allows you to enter information at your own pace
  • Has been made just for chronic illness warriors 


  • 6 months of monthly pages, including a vitals graph, symptom tracker, mental health check-in prompts.
  • 186 daily pages, including space for notes on your sleep, symptoms, triggers, activities, and more! Plus, daily review questions to promote gratitude and positivity. 
  • 20 pages of blank pages at the back for journaling, writing notes on your doctor's appointments, doodles, and more. 

Pretty Sick Designs' Chronic Illness Health Tracker has been thoughtfully made for anyone living with chronic illness. It is one of the best ways to manage your health and symptoms all in one convenient place. 

Limited quantities, order yours today!