Our Clothing

pretty sick designs - soft and cozy clothing


We make all of our clothing 100% in Canada. We do not use or involve any sweatshops. Each product is ethically made with fair labour wages and is held to the highest quality standards. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that the products you buy are socially conscious and locally made in Canada.


We make our products with bamboo to help reduce our environmental footprint. Bamboo grows quickly without depleting the soil and it does not require pesticides or fertilizer for cultivation. Fabrics made with bamboo are softer and more functional. Bamboo is inherently moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial.


We want to be providing you with clothes that you can wear on those days that you are feeling low. When you need some comfort and a little extra TLC, you want to wear something that is extra cozy and comfortable. We make our products for those days when you are in bed or on the couch, doing your best to rest and take care of yourself. When you put on one of our sweatshirts, we hope that you will feel comforted. Or why not dress them up and take them out on the town? These clothes are not only supremely soft, they are also very cute! We want you to look good, even if you don’t feel it! The sweatshirt will do the talking for you and may provide a gateway into important conversations and bring awareness to chronic illness. 

Our sweatshirts are targeted towards women living with chronic illness but they really are for everyone! Support your friend or family member that is ‘Always Tired’ and spark conversations about being a caregiver or how to support sick loved ones. Maybe you are a new mom or sick with cancer – our clothes are for you! Don’t be afraid to make a sartorial statement. For so many people with invisible illness or dealing with silent burdens the pain really is real.

We plan to have a line of men’s wear coming soon, as well as t-shirts for summer. And let us know if there are any other products that we could carry or slogans that we could put on a new line of clothes. We want to do our best to serve you and make sure that you are happy with your purchase. 

Pretty Sick Designs’ socially conscious, environmentally friendly clothing is for you!