You have a chronic disease.

It doesn't have to STEAL your life.

Find the support you need.

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It’s one thing to hear your diagnosis. It’s another to live with it as it takes over your life. 

We’ve helped countless spoonies find hope, peace, and resilience in dealing with their chronic disease when it comes to managing their symptoms and gaining support and understanding for their diagnosis. 

We want to help you With:

Health Trackers

Track symptoms and triggers, record notes, monitor changes, take charge of your health. 

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Awareness Apparel

For when you are feeling your worst, and just want a comfy sweatshirt.  

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Resources+ Community

Advice, tips, Q&A's, and a growing Facebook community with people who get it. 

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Living with chronic ILLNESS isso difficult. 

Your loved ones barely understand, let alone your doctor, and every day is a battle with your body. 

I’ve been sick since I was 13. Six years ago, I was at my sickest when I had to move home and give up my dreams. I started Pretty Sick Designs because I wanted to share what’s helped me and connect with other spoonies who are going through the same thing. 

The Pretty Sick Plan:

1. Order

Find the support and resources you need.

2. Connect

Join our spoonie community and connect with people who get it. 

3. Live

Starting living well—even with chronic disease.

Life’s too short to battle your chronic disease alone.

Grab a symptom tracker, wear a sweatshirt, download a resource, or join our spoonie community and get back to living your life on purpose. 

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