Chrome Crazy Lava Bead Bracelet

Type: Bracelet

This is one of our favourite designs. It is strong and feminine. Hard and soft. The colours come together to contrast and compliment each other in this stunning bracelet. It is not your usual essential oil diffuser bracelet.

It is made up with matte aquamarine and hematite stones - and special plated chrome lava beads. This is a statement bracelet; perfect for layering or wearing on its own. 

The lava bead will absorb your favourite essential oil scent for days. 

- 6 mm matte amazonite stones

- 2 mm silver hematite stones

- 6 mm plated chrome lava beads

- 7" total length 

- Made with strong, stretch cord

Please note:

  • Only natural gemstones are used in our jewelry. Therefore, while we cannot guarantee your bracelet will exactly match the one pictured you can be sure the gem you receive is unique to you. 
  • This bracelet is 7" long and fits average wrist sizes, however if you need a smaller or larger size please note this in the comments when placing your order and we will ensure the bracelet fits you perfectly!