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Dealing with a chronic disease sucks

Your life can feel out of control when you are diagnosed with a chronic disease and you are left to figure it out on your own. Your doctor may not understand your illness or even believe you—let alone your loved ones.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can take control of your illness. You can understand what you’re feeling and why. You can learn to manage your symptoms so you can start living better.

You are more than your diagnosis.

When you track all your symptoms in one place with the Health Tracker, it’ll be easier to deal with and manage your diagnosis on a daily basis.

Even if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, this simple practice of journaling how you feel—on the good AND bad days—will bring a deeper perspective and understanding of what you’re feeling and why.

With the Pain Journal you can:

- Clearly talk about your symptoms with others
- Notice trends to avoid or put on repeat
- Get clear on your diagnosis
- Know how to get through those tough days when you feel your worst

Transforming your health is right at your fingertips.

Imagine being able to quickly reference exactly how you felt after you went to that birthday dinner where you had to talk to a lot of people, or after you tried that new pill that messed up your sleep schedule.

When you use our health tracking journal, you can have all the information you need to clearly explain how you’re feeling and why. From simply understanding your latest flare to being able to show your doctor just how bad your pain really is.

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Symptom Tracker Example

Our Pain Journals include everything you need to start living better today.

Each journal comes with a monthly symptom tracker and vitals graph, appointment note pages, health record pages, medication record pages, a spoon counter exercise, daily gratitude practices, monthly review pages, and so much more created just for chronic illness warriors.

The Six Month

The Six Month Health Tracking Journal is an intensive journal that comes with everything included in the One Year journal but also comes with daily pages with prompts for sleep quality, spoon log, a food journal, mental health check in, end of day reflection, and more. 

The One Year 

The One Year Health Tracking Journal is an overview journal that helps you keep track of your health, appointments, symptoms, and more. Once you've got the rhythm of health tracking with the Six Month journal, move to the One Year. 

Plus, we’ve made them super easy and quick to use and totally adaptable to your needs. We know your energy is limited and time is precious. 

How To Get Started with Your Own Health Tracker:

Journal Cover

1. Choose your Health Tracker 

Monthly Review Page

2. Use every day 

Appointment Notes Page

3. Start living better 

We promise to support you along the way and do whatever we can to help. If you aren’t happy with your journal, return it and get your money back. 


This is such an incredible tool. The creator has thought of absolutely everything I needed to document and more. Beautiful layout and the pages are thick enough that ink doesn’t bleed through. Will be a lifelong customer!


This is such a great tool. Now I can see the extent of my symptoms and have a record to show my doctor. A lot of great pages to write different things. I have been using this for 2 weeks so far and really see a benefit.


I've only been using this for about a week, and already I find that I am being much more honest with myself and my symptoms. I look forward to being able to utilize this in my healthcare. Thank you for making this product!!

Seeing your health on paper will help you start living a better life.

Know what you are going through is real

Understand your health and your body

Have all your health records in one place

Appointment Notes Page

Prioritize your health

Notice trends and triggers

Be clearly able to explain how you are doing

Be more than your illness

Are you ready to get a handle on your health?

You may not be able to fix or undo your diagnosis, but by paying attention to your body you can start managing your health and begin to live again. 


Track your symptoms, understand your body, live better.

Our journaling system was specifically designed for spoonies. To live with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Long COVID, POTS, or another diagnosis, paying attention to your body and prioritizing your health are the most important things you can do to start living well. There’s nothing like seeing your health on paper.

Track your symptoms, reflect on what’s working, keep all your appointment notes in one place.It's an all in one health tracker, symptom tracker, and journal of pain management. 

The journal is a great way to communicate with doctors and show loved ones (and yourself) the reality of your health.

Easy to use, customizable, go at your own pace.

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